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Vibin' Music

by Sonic Skillz

Charmed 03:31
Never Again 03:42
I've just gotta go Boy I told you so No, it's not a game I can't believe a word that you say Tryin' to move on You string me along Never there to catch me when I fall Beggin' please On my knees Set me free You make me so weak Outta time It feels like a crime You can't make it right Right Please don't call my phone Boy, I'm sayin' no Don't got time to carry you on my soul No, we can't be friends Can't go back to then I said it, never again Got me out my mind I won't press rewind Turnin' out the light I'm tired boy, I don't wanna fight Wanna make it clear I don't want you near I'll do it on my own, don't need you here Close the show Trust is broke I don't want to see you baby, let go I'm so gone No more sad songs I finally figured out what I want Please don't call my phone Just leave me alone Got nothin' to tell me, got nothin' to show No, we can't be friends Told you it's the end I said it, never again I'm gonna make it Know I can shake it Threw me away But I'll be okay Not gonna break me Boy you can't play me, can't do anything Because I said it, never again Please don't call my phone Boy, I'm sayin' no Don't got time to carry you on my soul No, we can't be friends Can't go back to then I said it, never again


Sonic Skillz is a talented musician, whose sound is inspired by a wide array of genres and creative ideas. Eagle-eyed listeners will be able to spot influences as diverse as R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop in the artist’s music, and will certainly appreciate such a diverse and unique approach!

Recently, Sonic Skillz took to the studio to create new music, and as a result, his brand new release, “Vibin’ Music”, was born. This EP has a smooth, energetic and electrifying tone, which feels classy and understated, yet intelligent and well conceived. This particular project is a perfect example of incredibly focused songwriting, and it might definitely be up your alley, particularly if you enjoy the work of artists the likes of Flying Lotus, D’Angelo or J Dilla, only to mention but a few. With its timeless melodies and far-reaching arrangements, Sonic Skillz truly set the bar higher with this release, marking personal development as an artist and further redefining his feel and tone. The production on this release is also endowed with incredible quality, and the clarity of these recordings definitely add to the listening experience!


released November 16, 2018

All music by Sonic Skillz (sonicskillz.com), except:
-Track 2, guitar by guitarman.
-Tracks 4 and 7, saxophone by Anthony Lofton (www.anthonylofton.com); additional production by Mustin (www.mustinenterprises.com).
-Track 6, trumpet by THEBRASS.
-Track 7, vocals by Farrahmon.


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Sonic Skillz Tampa

Many people tend to start their biographies by talking about who they are. I think I’d rather talk about who I’m not: I’m not a singer, I’m not a rapper, and I don’t like being referred to as a producer (at least not in the context that the hip-hop community uses it). I’m not the next [insert name here], and I am NOT a beatmaker. ... more

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